Monday, October 13, 2008

Never Say "Goodbye"

I never got to say goodbye to an old friend of mine. She was hit on her motorcycle and was in a coma. I visited her at the hospital but didn’t say goodbye on purpose. I said “I’ll see you soon when you are fully recovered” since I thought she might come out of the coma and I wanted to be supportive. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen and life support was ended and she passed away last week. It really makes you think about your own mortality and what’s important in life. We hadn’t spoken much in the past few years but I still had many fond memories of the times we shared together. In the end I think connections with others is the most important thing in life. I hope when its my turn to go, I will have many friends that will have fond memories of me and feel that I affected their life in a positive way. It would seem from all the visitors at the hospital that my friend did indeed accomplish this in her 30 short years in this world.

She was an organ donor so several other people will be able to have better lives because of her. What a nice final gift to give to the world. I’ve never really thought much about being an organ donor until now. It’s hard to think about an untimely end but if it did occur what use would I have for the organs….none. And thinking someone who has been sick may get a second chance sounds wonderful. I always feel good when I do something nice for someone else and donating organs could be my last good deed.

We held a big celebration of life for her yesterday. It was nice to take some time to reminisce about the good times we shared together with her other friends. I have so many memories of us going on vacations, doing bike hashes and going out dancing. If I had to pick one memory to share it would be when we went on a very difficult run hash together in Oregon. One woman whose husband was making the run trail asked “are those two little girls going to be ok”. She didn’t know how strong this petite woman was and not only were we ok we actually finished in the front ahead of all the boys!

Another fond memory I have is one of the compliments she gave me. She told me once that she was always impressed at how friendly I was and how easy it was for me to approach people and make new friends. Sincere compliments like that really mean a lot. I try to admire the good qualities in others and point them out. It makes me feel good and the person I’m complimenting too. I do have to say that no matter how many new friends I make, I will never forget this one!

She will be missed but I hope as her boyfriend said “we all now have an angel watching over us now”.

Cat “I’ll Miss You My Friend” Cathy

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