Thursday, August 11, 2016

Because I’m Happy

The other day I was super happy.  This is not a big shock as I’m typically in a good mood but this was beyond my normal happiness level.  Did I win the lottery? Unfortunately no it wasn’t anything that epic.  Was I on some kind of special happy pills?  I’m a say no to drugs kind of person so that wasn’t the cause either.  In fact it wasn’t anything particular at all as far as I could determine. 

It was fun going through the day feeling so happy and energetic and I’d like that feeling more often.  It made me wonder what causes happiness.  The only difference I can see from the previous blah day to this happy day was I had enough sleep and water.  I really think it is hard to be happy when you are tired and having enough sleep and being well hydrated help you feel rested. 

There are other activities that make me happier including exercise, being outdoors, singing, being silly and spending time with friends.  So I do try to add these things to my life as much as possible. 

Doing good deeds for others who I feel are deserving also makes me feel good.  I wouldn’t want to give money to the “chef” who pretends his car broke down since I know he is a scam artist in Orlando but I’d gladly help a neighbor carry something upstairs.   Small acts like this are not difficult or time consuming and make me feel useful and happy. 

Also I think your mindset can play a big part.  Being grateful for what you do have can make you much happier than being critical of what you don’t.  Some days I look at my small dumpy apartment, no kids and blog that almost no one reads (sigh) and feel down.  But then the very next day I think of it as the a cool pad where I don’t have to mow a yard, time for myself since I don’t to care for kids and a blog that brings me joy since I thrive on the creativity.  Absolutely nothing has changed from one day to the next except my mindset.

If nothing else you can just thank your lucky stars you were born in a first world country in the 21st century.  Imagine if you lived in some parts of the world like Haiti where women have to worry about being raped just trying to get water for their family.  Or if you were born a couple hundred years ago when there were no cell phones, cars, central air conditioner and people died from diseases that are now preventable.  When you look at it that way your life is pretty darn good!

I hope my random thoughts on happiness and gratitude have helped you (my three loyal readers) to have an awesome day and be able to look on the bright side of things. 

Cat “Don’t Worry be Happy” Cathy