Monday, April 27, 2009

Cathy the Tailor

My grandfather was a tailor and apparently a very good one. I guess some of that runs in the family blood since I had to use my mad tailoring skills on my work clothes recently.

I purchased some new work pants but they didn’t quite fit right and I wanted to get them synched up in the back just a bit. The tailor wanted $16 for each pair! Well that equates to more per hour than I make as an engineer and was almost as much as I paid for the pants so I just couldn’t justify it.

So I decided to put my sewing skills to the test. Keep in mind the last time I touched a needle and thread was probably high school so this was not a small task. But I did it and the pants look pretty good! It was simple, saved me a bit of money and made me feel like Martha Stewart. (I’m assuming she sews but I’ve never seen her show and could be totally wrong).

So the moral of this story: if you are cheap like me you will realize that you can accomplish many things on your own to save money. Actually a better moral is: it’s good to challenge yourself and try new things!

Cat “Thanks Grandpa” Cathy

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chain Gang

I recently received a chain email that was sent through my bike club. This means about 300 people got the same chain email which said you would have many years of bad luck if I didn’t forward it to X number of people. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I just don’t understand why anyone would forward things like this to people they consider friends.

I deleted the email but promptly wrote back to the sender. I told him I have to send 100 emails to avoid bad luck and all of them are going to him. If he doesn’t read them and cluck like a chicken when the moon is full he will have bad luck in the form of smelly feet whenever he bike rides for the next 10 years. I was trying to keep it light and funny and yet still get my point across…I hope I accomplished this.

So let’s do everyone a favor. If you have a sweet or funny email and you want to pass it along that’s fine. It should be done at your own discretion. ANY email that threatens you with bad luck or smelly feet or anything else and tells you that you HAVE TO forward it should be deleted. That’s what I always do. I’m not going to let an email determine my actions.

Cat “Wishing you 50 Years of Good Luck for No Particular Reason or Action” Cathy

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Gift of Giving

I got some great birthday presents this year and it has really put me in a good mood. It’s not that I needed the presents or that they were really expensive it was just that they were so ‘me’ that I felt my friends really liked me, knew me and I was special to them.

I’m the first to be lazy when it comes to gifts. Normally I will just get something quick and easy and be done with it. I guess I do that in the name of efficiency and lack of time. But I’ve had one of those moments of clarity and I now realize how much more important it is to personalize it.

Here’s a list of some of the cool things I got this year and why they were special to me:

A girl friend gave me a yoga necklace. I constantly talk about yoga and do my yoga poses at parties and in my vacation pictures. Now I have a way of showing the world that it is something important to me.
Another girl friend gave me a flowering tea pot. It’s a clear tea pot that you drop a tea ball in and it not only makes tea but also a pretty flower. Tea is one of my simple pleasures and this will make it even more pleasurable.

Yet another girl friend gave me a gift card to a professional clothing store. I’m trying to improve my professional wardrobe so this will be very helpful. But the best part of her gift was she offered to go there shopping with me.

My engineering coworker gave me a circle template. It’s a simple tool but I’ve never had my own and always borrow his. I got a big laugh when I opened it especially since it’s not exactly a ‘party item’. But it was perfect for me and he even included a label saying Rummy’s Template which made it even more special.

My jet ski friend gave me a bottle of Yamalube. It’s the oil we use for our jet skis. This made me laugh but is also very useful and practical.

My bike friend gave me a bicycle tube as part of my gift. This was also an unexpected and funny thing to open.

My skating friend gave me my favorite juice drink that I affectionately refer to as ‘liquid crack’. I always buy some when we have dinner after the skate but he gave me a bottle 4 times bigger! Yummy!

Another friend gave me some balloons to make balloon animals and a magic 8 ball and other toys. I love toys and being able to act like a kid.

Another friend gave me some nice hair and beauty supplies. She’s the one I always go shopping for this stuff with so she knows I like it.

And still others gave me the standard gift cards but to my favorite places – Sports Authority and Publix. I have no doubt I will put these to good use.

All of these gifts were personalized and reflect some of the many sides of Rummy and how my friends know me. Thanks to all of you! Not so much for the gifts but for being my friend and being important in my life.

Cat “I love you guys” Cathy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life Begins at 40!

I had my 3rd annual 39th birthday part this past weekend. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my big 4-0 bash. My 40th birthday party was the best party I’d ever had and I couldn’t stop talking about it for months. This year’s party was supposed to be a bit scaled back but was even crazier.

We had over 60 people throughout the night and lots of food, music, dancing, fireworks, midnight drunken jet skiing and waving at cars in the front yard. Ok it was really much more than just waving. There was some mooning going on too. We almost mooned a cop car at one point. Thankfully he just said a few words and left. A jeep that we mooned came back and asked directions. Maybe he was really lost or maybe he just liked the show. I’m not sure but we all climbed on the jeep and took pictures. I’d never mooned anyone before in my life but I was drunk and it was fun. I’m finally coming out of my shell at 41. The next day I started to regret it a bit so I guess I’m only part way out of that shell.

What really made the party were all my friends. I’d like to thank them and let them know they are important to me. I just love spending time with them. My only regret is there were so many people that I didn’t get enough one on one time.

It’s true that life begins at 40. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been with friends, confidence, career and knowing what I want in life …to some extent at least. If you’re worried about getting older hopefully this will help you realize it’s not that bad!

Cat “Another Year Older But Not a Bit Wiser” Cathy