Monday, October 13, 2008

The Dirty Underworld of LUST

Today we are going to talk about LUST. LUST is dirty! LUST is bad! Now before you think I’m preaching to you, let me clarify what LUST is. It’s an acronym for Leaking Underground Storage Tanks and it’s what I do in my day job.

I’m amazed at all the ways my coworkers and I have managed to make the seemingly dull world of underground petroleum cleanup silly and fun. My favorite is the site names that I have. Most sites are just named after the gas station where the spill occurred but somehow, as the only female engineer, I managed to get all the sites that seem to have a phallic reference….Mr. Dong’s Diner, Big Man Restaurant, Long fellow Supplies, Rod’s Imports and BJ’s Emporium. Suddenly I hear Beavis and Butthead in the background laughing…"ha ha she said BJ’s"…no wait that’s just me. I’d describe our attempts at work humor more but as an outsider you probably wouldn’t be too impressed so suffice to say that it makes the job more fun and its good team building to laugh together.

I suppose if we can do this with the seemingly dull world of petroleum cleanup than you can do it with your job too. So start making the most of each day and laughing with your coworkers. No matter what you do I’m sure you can find humor in it somewhere!

Cat “I LUST My Job” Cathy

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