Monday, October 13, 2008

Gay Head, Gay Head!!

Now that I have your attention I have to let you know that Gay Head is a just a town on Martha’s Vineyard and was part of my latest travel destination and adventure. Fortunately there was no truth in advertising but we did have a good time snickering about it. We did see several Fairies… I mean Ferries but that’s not the same thing at all. Yes I know I’m 40 now and shouldn’t still act so silly but who says I have to grow up.

Speaking of no truth in advertising I didn’t see a single vineyard on Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe it’s a bad crop year or something. We did see a cornfield when we were cruising around in our bright blue convertible rental car. I would have thought the property there would be too expensive to grow corn but maybe this was special “vineyard corn” and sold for $10 an ear. Who knows?

Martha’s ice cream shop would have been a better name for the place since there was an ice cream shop on practically every corner. I felt bad for the poor overworked cows. We quickly got bored of the ice cream so we took our unsuspecting rental car on some major off road trails. These were jeep trails and not made for a sports car. It was fun for us but probably not so much for the car. No worries we returned it in one piece and still had some funny stories to tell and pictures to show.

Our vacation was mostly to Boston but somehow that just didn’t make as good of a title for this blog. We watched the fireworks down by the Charles River. It was a great show until the smoke blocked out most of the fireworks and we were just listening to the booms and looking at smoke. After the smoke show we had to cross over a 10 foot wide bridge to get out of the park with 599,998 of our closest friends. The best thing about the event was the drunken partying people afterwards. I ran into 3 women singing patriotic songs. I convinced them to sing Neil Diamond’s America with me much to the dismay of my boyfriend since I had been teasing him all day with that song. Out of nowhere I would sing a line or two or just shout “Today”. It’s amazing he puts up with me.

I also did some cone skating on the fourth. As if just plain old inline skating isn’t hard enough, this group weaves through cones placed just a few feet apart downhill on their skates. I call it rubber legs. If you’ve ever seen it you would know what I mean. I do ok but my legs just don’t seem to bend as well. While I was skating my boyfriend went for a walk. He returned with a pina colada in a coconut. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. This wouldn’t have surprised me on our recent trip to the Bahamas but somehow it just didn’t seem to fit in with Boston on the fourth…kinda like combining hot dogs and a fine wine. But we’ve determined that it is perhaps possible to get a drink in a coconut anywhere in the world and will be testing this theory at our future vacation destinations. Yellowstone coconut coladas here we come!

Another fun activity on our vacation adventure was the Historic Pub Crawl. It’s actually called the Freedom Trail and passes several historic sites but seems to pass a lot of bars along the way too so we made a few extra stops. Supposedly a lot of the decisions made by our founding fathers were made over a pint or two of ale. So I think from now on I will make all my decisions that way. Should I take this new promotion? Think I’ll get drunk and then decide. This could get interesting.

To top off my vacation I got picked for the ‘random’ search at the airport for both my departing flights. Apparently I am a major threat to national security…good to know. The search on the departing flight from Orlando wasn’t bad. It was faster than the normal line and I got felt up by a cute girl – could’ve been worse. The way back was a different story. It took close to 30 minutes. They even checked my oh so suspicious skates for chemical residual. Other people getting the “special treatment” included a black girl in spandex pants (hard to hide anything in what she was wearing) and a very well dressed foreign looking man who said “I’m glad they are doing searches”. I was thinking “yeah I’m glad they are searching you too but I think the spandex girl and I are pretty safe bets”. I’m surprised they let the Girl Scouts go through without a strip search! No telling what was in their cookie boxes.

It was a fun trip. If it sounds at all like I’m complaining it’s just me trying to find humor and entertain you with some of the more colorful experiences. I think it would be fun to live in Boston since I like big cities and there was so much to see and do. But I think I would change my mind when the temperature dropped below 60 degrees. I’m a warm weather Florida girl after all.

Cat “Boston Haaabar” Cathy

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