Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shopping Like an Heiress

The other day my friend asked me what I as doing and I said “shopping like an heiress”. It was a take off on the Party Like a Rockstar song and saying. Ever since then I’ve been napping like a baby, working like a short timer, biking like Pee Wee Herman and eating like a future weight loss surgery candidate. It’s just my latest spin to make my days more fun. Feel free to share some of your own creations…In the mean time I’ll be blogging like Julie & Julia.

Cat “Totally Dude” Cathy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On The Line...Still

I realized the other day that I’ve been using (on and off) online dating sites for the past six years! In some ways I like these sites since they give you access to many more choices and let you quickly cut out the guys who don’t meet your basic criteria. But in other ways they can be a pain since you have to weed through many generic cut and paste emails and offensive emails to get to the good ones. Also it doesn’t have the comfort of meeting someone naturally. But considering I’ve only had one date this past year that I met the old fashioned way, I better stick with the online option and be thankful for it!

As a joke I started thinking about what it will be like if I’m still online dating in my 80’s and came up with a list of criteria the sites need to include to help make senior dating easier:

Walker? Yes, No or Sometimes?
Teeth? In your mouth or in a jar at night?

Grandchildren, Great –Grandchildren or Can’t remember?

Social Security, Pension or part time job as bagger at Publix?

-Living Arrangement:
Live alone, live with kids or Golden Girls type arrangement?

Shuffle board, bingo or Complaining about your health?

I hope to be permanently done with the dating sites soon but in the meantime at least I get some humor from them.

Cat “I Like Long Walks on the Beach” Cathy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sister From Another Mister

One of my new friends is from Estonia and has a bit of an unusual accent. It’s not uncommon for people to ask her where she’s from. She likes to tell everyone Hoboken New Jersey as a joke. Also her name sounds a lot like Cathy so when people ask our names it sounds like we both say “Cathy”. The other day she told someone we were sisters so I said “we are sisters from another mister”. I was so proud of myself with what I thought was a cute and original phrase. But then I ‘Googled’ and there was my phrase in an urban dictionary. I really thought I was original but maybe I’d heard it somewhere and it just didn’t register until that moment. Or maybe I independently ‘discovered’ the phrase just Charles Wheatstone and Samuel Morse independently discovered the electrical telegraph. (Yes I googled that too).

Anyway, I’m really happy to finally have the sister I always wanted even if she is from another mister. Next maybe I will find a cousin from another bosom and a niece from another priest. But I bet those are already in the urban dictionary too.

Cat “We Are Family” Cathy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Diary

I recently started a food diary. I always thought they were a dumb idea. I picture writing things like “Dear diary, today I ate jelly donuts all day and now my pants don’t fit”. But I’ve been eating badly and I thought this might be a good way to see what I ate, hold myself accountable and provide motivation to improve my diet. Plus as an engineer I love data and this just gives me more of it to analyze.

To make myself more aware of the bad things I was eating I started bolding them. I thought this would scold me or something but it didn’t work. So then I started counting the number of bolded items I ate each day. The numbers were large with some approaching double digits but still this didn’t seem to deter me.

Finally I’ve come up with my push up plan. I have to do 10 push ups for each bolded item. This will help me burn some small amount of the calories I’m consuming but more importantly I’m hoping it will finally motivate me to reduce some of those bad food choices.

I’ll keep you posted if the push up plan works. If not maybe I will have to highlight bad choices in yellow and put an exclamation mark…Yeah that will definitely to solve my problem.

Cat “Eat this not that!!!” Cathy