Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Pay More?

Being a student saved me three bucks at the movies recently. The only odd thing about it is I haven’t actually been a student in over 5 years. And that was just a few grad classes that I took before I decided I’d had enough school for this lifetime. Still I had my dusty old ID and even though I’m sure the current IDs look different, I still showed it and got my discount.

Do I feel bad or wrong about doing this? No, I actually enjoy it. I feel like I’m sticking it to the man. I seriously doubt my three greenbacks will keep all the actors and producers from eating at night. Plus I just don’t get the whole concept of student or senior or any other kind of discount based solely on your status in life. I know plenty of students who are receiving full scholarships and parents’ support so they have as much disposable income as I do. Plus there are plenty of seniors who have homes paid for and lots of savings so again they have as much or more disposable income.

My personal opinion is if the business can afford to charge a lower price to a select group than I want that price. My plan is to go right from student discounts to AARP discounts. Call me cheap if you must be I prefer to think of it as getting good value for my money.

The best part was the door man who took our tickets said “one student and one adult”. I made a point to pick on my friend who is 10 years younger than me that she was the ‘adult’.

Cat “Never Grow Up” Cathy

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never Fear, Balloon Girl is Here!

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be in a comic book. Ok, not really but the band Beebs and her Money Makers was having a contest for their album release to dress as your own superhero and the winner would be put in their comic book. Of course I couldn’t resist and I came up with the new superhero Balloon Girl…notice the echo when you say that?

Her powers consist of making people happy since most people smile when they see balloons, being able to fly since she has a cape full of helium, balloon missiles that are surprisingly more powerful than they appear and finally when all else fails she makes a loud popping sonic boom sound to scare off the villains.

Of course her weaknesses are running with scissors, static cling and no pockets in her super hero suit.

The album release was the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. A lot of people were around for other Downtown Disney venues and were not dressed up. This made Balloon Girl a wee bit nervous at first and thankful for her mask disguise. But then she arrived at the HOB and met Pink Girl, BBQ Man and a plethora of other super heroes. There was no doubt that the HOB would be safe this night with so many powerful superheroes on hand.

Tourists were even stopping her to ask for pictures as if she worked for Disney. Balloon Girl didn’t mind and posed with the kids and even let them hold her ‘deadly’ balloon missiles.

Suddenly Balloon Girl’s balloon senses started tingling (yet another balloon girl power…sounds familiar though doesn’t it) and she was recognized by a group of friends that also happened to be attending the event. But said friends were very supportive and happy to see her and support her cause. (Note to balloon self – need a bigger mask).

Balloon Girl received a lot of compliments and won the contest! She was so happy you would have thought she had just won Miss America. But in her humble opinion being in a comic book is even better than that!

At the end of the night Balloon Girl, Super Estonia Girl and Electro Man scoured the parking lot for Balloon Girl’s invisible jet and headed out in search of more adventure.

Overall I….I mean Balloon Girl… had a blast and she can’t wait to see her comic book character!

Cat “Never in the same place as Balloon Girl” Cathy