Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue Latitudes - Boldly Going Where Captain Cook has Gone Before

I did something unusual recently….I read a book…from cover to cover no less. I read a lot of books when I was younger but in this technology age with so many things vying for my attention I hadn’t taken the time to just read a full book in many years. I read lots of blogs and other short snippets but it is hard to find time for full novels.

But I recommend making the time for this one called Blue Latitudes- Boldly Going Where Captain Cook has Gone Before”. It is about Captain Cook in case you didn’t figure that out already. If you know who Captain Cook was then you are already one giant step ahead of where I was when I got the book…thanks to my less than adequate Flor a duh education. But I learned a lot and it was an enjoyable read.

Blue Latitudes chronicles Captain Cook’s travels as he ‘discovered’ the world for Europe and the author’s travels as he visited many of the same places Captain Cook went. I liked this book for many reasons from learning a little about history, the sense of adventure involved in being the first to explore unknown territories and seeing how much the world has changed in just over 200 years!

I have to say that the first half of the book about Captain Cook’s first voyage was the most interesting to me and it got a little slow for the remainder. But I still recommend finding a copy and encouraging a friend to read it as well since you will want to discuss the book with someone. If no one is available just send me a note!

Cat “Over the Sea” Cathy

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nude Nite - Take 4!

Every year I attend a trendy 3 day art event called Nude Nite. As you can probably guess from the name all the art featured is based on a nude theme but done in a (mostly) tasteful way. But this year instead of just attending I was an artist and a model in the event!

As I wrote previously, the director of the event liked my idea of making balloon dresses live at the event. My balloon partner, model and I quickly got to work making dress forms, coming up with dress ideas and accessories and lots of practice twisting. It was a busy and a stressful week of practice and performing at Nude Nite. I twisted for 6 hours straight on two nights at the event. I was so into the twisting that I totally skipped dinner on those nights…hopefully this will help my diet.

The last night I needed a break from twisting so I spent most of the night modeling one of my creations. It was fun to be in so many pictures and to joke around with everyone. I had a balloon weave top that didn’t look like balloons since they weren’t inflated so I had to explain to everyone that it was made out of balloons too. Then I explained that everything was made out of balloons…even my boots! After everyone looked down at my boots I would let them know I was just kidding about the boots. I also joked that you could find the outfit at Wal-Mart and that it was $10 per balloon pop.

We had 5 dresses by the end of the event and we let patrons try them on and take pictures. We were a big hit! I spent a small fortune on balloons and supplies for no compensation but I enjoyed it and improved my twisting skills and now I can consider myself and accomplished artist and model. I’m happy I tried it and I hope to make fun dresses for special occasions in the future. I’m pretty sure my model had a good time even though she was working very hard too. My partner on the other hand is still undecided as to if he had fun but I appreciate his help and hope we can twist together again soon!

Cat “Do These Balloons Make Me Look Fat?” Cathy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Don't Want to Be Like Mike!

The Tiger fiasco has brought to my attention just how many things are endorsed by professional athletes and other celebrities. I’m not sure if you care but to me it seems almost insulting that companies think we are like sheep. Baaa baa Tiger says it’s good so it must be…baaa baa…I don’t think so!

I’m smart enough to use this little thing called ‘the internet’ to research products and to decide for myself. I’d personally like to see the day when products were purchased based on quality, need and cost and not to “be like Mike”. We would all get cheaper products and all the elite athletes would have to learn to ‘get buy’ on only a few million a year…so sad. (note sarcasm).

So let’s start a campaign to buy based on quality and price and avoid marketing that makes us seem like mindless idolizing sheep. Baaa!

Cat “Black Sheep” Cathy