Monday, October 13, 2008

Born To Be Mild

Riding motorcycles is such a rush but I don’t ride too often since it’s just too dangerous. Perhaps I’m cautious since I’m still recovering from being hit in the head by a car on my bicycle last year. But for some reason all bets are off when I’m on vacation so I rented a Yamaha 175 in Jamaica and took my chances. A third world country with horrible health care, two lane bumpy roads with constant passing, riding on the left side of the road, limited motorcycle skills and probably half of all drivers high from the ganja….what could possibly go wrong??????

Well thankfully no serious injuries occurred and it was the best day of my vacation. I felt safer riding a motorcycle in Jamaica than I would in the US. There are lots of motorcycles in Jamaica so most cars know to look out for them and are respectful and courteous. Cars would wait to pass and give a nice beep to let you know they were passing and give you plenty of room. In a full day of riding motorcycles only two cars passed a little too close for comfort and one ironically enough was an ambulance. It was an exciting day that I will have great memories of for a long time to come. Assuming of course I don’t get any more head injuries! It was so much fun that I’m considering getting my motorcycle license. But we’ll see since I’m still a bit of a sissy.

Cat "zoom zoom" Cathy

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