Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blackberry Mojito Quest

Since I act so silly all the time, you may be surprised to learn that I don’t drink alcoholic beverages often. In fact my new year’s resolution a few years back was ‘Drink More’. But like most resolutions it just didn’t stick. I still drink a few times a year and ‘throw it down’ when I do. That just means I have 1-3 drinks but believe me I feel it!

Other than the savings in money, not being hung over often and savings in calories I have found yet another advantage to not drinking often. When you don’t do something often you tend to look forward to it more and get more joy from it. On my last trip to Delray Beach I knew I was going to my favorite restaurant and going to partake in my current favorite drink…the coveted blackberry Mojito. Just knowing I was going to drink became a celebration all in itself.

So how to celebrate? Well by singing of course! I started finding lots of songs that just fit ‘mojito’ so well. While we boated down the intercoastal towards downtown Delray Beach I came up with the following songs that I shared with my boyfriend and anyone else who was unfortunate enough to be within earshot:

My Mojito (To the tune of My Sherona by the Knack) – “Oh you’re such a tasty rum. A tasty rum. Give me just another one…my mojito”.

Go Go Mojito (To the tune of Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult) – “With a purposeful smile and a laughing sound she gulped that tasty mojito down. Oh no….she says it has to go. Go go mojito.”

Mojito Got Low (To the tune of Low by Flowrida) – “mulled blackberry, lime and sugar cane, so tasty there was no one to blame. She drank it down. Next thing you know, mojito got low low low low.”

And my personal favorite: Mojito (To the tune of Maria from West Side Story) - “The most beautiful sound I ever heard, ‘Mojito’. Say it loud and there’s music playing. Say it soft and it’s almost like praying. ‘Mojito’, I’ll never stop saying ‘Mojito’.

In summary blackberry Mojitos Rock (and pop, dance and sometimes show tune!)

Cat ‘Make it a Double’ Cathy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Subway Biking

Day three of our NYC trip again took us out of the city as we boarded a subway with our bikes to visit Coney Island. Stepping out of the subway building I immediately felt like I had gone back in time 40 years or so with the old amusement style boardwalk. We rode our bikes down the boardwalk to the ends and back which was only a few miles total. We stopped briefly to watch some strong older manly men playing handball. I had never actually seen anyone play handball since racquets are so cheap and easy to come by. But it was popular here and fun to watch for a bit. We started to wait in line for our ‘official’ Nathans hot dogs but changed our mind to other fair food based on the ridiculously long lines. Maybe that means we didn’t truly experience Coney Island but I was ok with that since I can buy them at Publix anytime.

Next we boarded a subway to Rockaway beach. I was a little confused on the subway but a very nice guy helped me realize we had chosen the correct train and offered us advice on where to go. Again I was totally shocked by his friendliness and kindness and really enjoyed meeting locals like this. Rockaway beach gave the impression of being not the richest neighborhood but the condos were still nice and the view of the beach and boardwalk was great. We biked the boardwalk and stopped to watch some kids at a skateboard park. This ‘berb’ had all the makings of a cute beach town until you saw the signs warning of snow in the winter.

After a long subway ride back including getting crunched in the subway doors we cleaned up and headed to Times Square for dinner. This place is busy! But except for food, lots of artificial lights, shopping and more food, I didn’t really see much to do. We walked to Broadway Street and I did a little song and dance just so I could say “I performed on Broadway”. Then I did my shopping which took about 10 minutes and consisted of purchasing my long awaited “I heart NY” t-shirt.

It was a fun day exploring and observing and learning and enjoying!

Cat “If I can make it here” Cathy

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bodacious Bods

As part of my ‘don’t knock it till you try it’ philosophy I attended a charity event featuring sexy dancing for women. I was my normal punctual self and was surrounded by lots of sexy dressed 20-somethings who worked at the dance studio. I felt a bit odd in my jeans and flip flops at this point but other ‘normally’ dressed and ‘more mature’ women starting showing up which made me feel a little more at home. But the young girls were actually quite nice and very talented as I found out watching them belly dance, chair dance and pole dance too!

Then it was our turn to try these sexy moves starting with belly dancing. I was horrible! I looked like I was having a seizure or something. There was nothing even remotely sexy about my moves. If I had tried these moves to impress my boyfriend he would have probably called 9-1-1. Our instructor was awesome though and fun to watch. She looked the part with an Indian looking ethnicity. Even if I had somehow managed to do the moves correctly I just don’t have her exotic look.

Next we moved on to chair dancing which I learned is called bump and grind. It was easier than belly dancing and I fared somewhat better. At one point they passed out hats to use as props for our sexy dancing. I felt a bit like Madonna with my hat and chair and hip thrusting moves. There was a lot of bending, grinding and ‘sticking out of the buttocks’ but I think I actually pulled some of it off. I was definitely getting my groove on.

Finally we did pole dancing which I had tried once before. It was sexy and fun and also a good workout. Now I want a pole for my house but I know this will pass as have many other short term fancies in my life. My friend asked one of the instructors if she had been a stripper. I was actually curious too but afraid to ask since I thought it might be rude. It turns out she wasn’t but her moves were definitely good enough for it.

So overall I really enjoyed the night with good food, socializing with other women, exercise and a chance to get my sexy on. The dance studio was looking for new members but I knew I wasn’t going to join since it was expensive and I already have way too many hobbies. I was there for the charity event and to have a fun night out. I would like to go again someday but I can’t imaging making it a regular thing much to the disappointment of my boyfriend I’m sure. But it was a fun life experience and something to tell the grandkids….well um …maybe not.

Cat “Like a Virgin” Cathy

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Great Faith Debate

I attend the Great Faith Debate about Atheism versus religion and more specifically Christianity at UCF recently. I have to admit I don’t know much about religion which is part of the reason I decided to attend. After many nights of exercising my body it was time to rest my weary muscles and exercise my mind. I was excited by the packed arena as I walked in carrying my bubble tea and singing “Gotta Have Faith” by George Michael.

Sadly, I wasn’t very impressed with the debate. The arguments used were sometimes way out there and at times it seemed the questions asked were not even answered. I’m an engineer so I try to be a little more direct and this seemed to be more about throwing out fancy words and obscure knowledge. I doubt if a single person was even tempted to change their current belief based on what they heard. But that's ok I guess since faith/religion is a very personal choice and shouldn't be changed easily.

So even though it wasn't all I expected, it was something different and I’m glad I tried it. As an added bonus UCF is my alma mater and it was interesting to see how much it had changed and reminisce about my college days. I’m just hoping the next great debate will be on paper versus plastic!

Cat “Bless you” Cathy