Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marry Him ???

I recently started reading a book called Marry Him. I like to read a lot and keep my opinions open but OMG what a piece of trash this book was! The author states right away that she had a baby on her own since she wanted one and then was surprised that it wasn’t the best way to do it….Duh! And yet this chick feels she should be giving others advice. The other funny thing is the book is dedicated “to my husband whoever he may end up being” or something like that. So she is writing a book encouraging women to compromise and marry and yet she is still single???? Give me a break!

The book basically says poor men are being treated badly by us too picky women even though we have flaws too. They talk about height and baldness and other minor details which I admit some women are too picky about. But many women (and men) I know break up due to things like dishonesty, addiction and not emotionally available which I would hardly consider to be minor picky things.

The author quoted a woman as saying she is glad she ‘snagged’ her husband when she did. Now that they are both 40 he wouldn’t want her if he were still looking since there are available 35 year olds who he could have kids with. It basically says if you don’t get married by 40 no man will want you since he will want a younger woman. As a 40-something woman I was offended by this. And while there is some truth in this, there are still plenty of men who will date around their age and even older. And getting married just because you are afraid to be alone is not a good idea anyway.

To all people (men and women) looking for a life partner I wish you the best of luck! Keep on reading relationship books (just not this one) and keep growing and learning and enjoying each day!

Cat “wish I couldn’t read” Cathy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Lost Angels and Demons Divinci Code Symbol

I just finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It read very similar to his Angels and Demons and Divinci Code books. Religious fanatic…blah blah…self sacrifice…blah blah…ancient codes that have levels to solve...blah! In case you can’t tell I wasn’t really that into this book. Some of the ‘twists’ at the end were predictable and not as mysterious as the author was probably hoping for.

Some of my lack of interest was probably just the timing. I wasn’t in the mood for the ancient codes since I was fresh of the Twilight series and love and romance were more on my mind. I have to admit that even though it seemed predictable and I could care less about the whole mystery solving, there were some interesting parts. The information on positive thought and group thought intrigued me. So much so that I followed up with some Google searches to learn more on the subject. I definitely think positive thought is important to good health and happiness but it seems like it can do even more.

I discussed this book with my mom a bit but she didn’t seem to care at all for the subjects that interested me. She got more from the religion part of the book. So I guess this book can offer something different to everyone including religion, history, secret societies, positive thought, architecture, art, etc. Too bad there isn’t enough about love and romance though.

Cat “The Butler did it” Cathy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sign on the Dotted Line

I just renewed my lease at my lovely upscale high rise downtown apartment. Who am I kidding…the place is a dump, but I still like the location and price so I renewed anyway. I had a whole bunch of new legal forms to sign that I found humorous and thought I’d share:

Radon warning – This is naturally occurring. Just open the windows to help.

Bed bugs – So that old expression was true…they do bite?

Lead paint – Thanks to this one I’ve stopped licking the walls. I sure do miss that.

Asbestos – More fun gone since I no longer pulverize my building and inhale.

Satellite dish – ‘All satellite dishes must be inside your apartment’. I wonder how that will affect reception.

Hot water – The form actually said ‘always test hot water and don’t take it for granted. It could burn you.’ You mean hot water may be hot? In defense of this one we do have some ridiculously hot water from a boiler. I think I could use it at tea time straight from the tap.

The one thing I didn’t see was a warning about gas from our gas stoves. I often come home and smell gas and wonder if it’s safe and how many brain cells I’m killing. Maybe I should recommend they add a gas disclaimer for next year’s signing.

The lawyers must have been bored and decided we needed all these new forms. I can’t wait to see what new and exiting (and funny) forms I get to fill out next year!

Cat “X” Cathy

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bat Ma’am

I discovered something the other day that most women figure out at a much younger age….I love buying new clothes! I used to try and be a minimalist and simplify my life since I already have so many hobbies and so little time. It was simple to get up in the morning chose from the same small selection of clothes and get on with my day. But the other day I purchased four new items and I started looking at my simplify idea a little differently. Although it is time consuming, costs money and I’m never sure if I will really like and wear my purchases, I still enjoy it. I was very happy to have the new clothes and had so much fun wearing them. I’ve decided not to worry if occasionally I buy something and then I don’t end up liking it much. I can just give it away and it is not going to break me. So I finally discovered that I like clothes and fashion and dressing up!

The first new item I tried was new yoga shorts. They were really cute but ended up being just a wee bit too short for all the stretching in yoga. I was showing perhaps a little more ‘Namaste’ than I would like. So they will now be my over bikini shorts.

Next I used my new long sleeve t shirt with a bat man emblem on it for biking. I was being called bat man, bat girl and bat woman but I decided I should be called bat ma’am since I’m now over 40. And thanks to the strategically placed emblem I finally had a way to get people to look as my chest!

The other two items are dressy tops that I’ve gotten compliments on each time I’ve worn them. I think maybe my friends are just happy to finally see me wearing something new but either way it is nice to be noticed and get compliments.

Cat “Where’s Robin?” Cathy