Monday, October 13, 2008

April Fool

I love playing practical jokes so a day dedicated to that is perfect for me. Plus it’s only 4 days before my birthday so my whole life I’ve been told I was born 4 days late. This year my boyfriend emailed me that he had to go to Washington for a week and we were going to have to cancel my big 4-0 birthday bash. Well I knew right away that it was an attempt at an April Fools joke so I said “why don’t you just fly everyone up there or let us trash your house while you are gone. Oh, and by the way I’m pregnant”! (FYI - we’ve haven’t slept together yet). To which he replied “well, you do sleep soundly . . .”. Of course, I had to come back with “I could be mean and say I’m not surprised I didn’t feel anything”. It was a fun little exchange but I’m not sure who won this round. Let me know what you think. And take a chance and play the fool today!

Cat "It's a girl" Cathy

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