Friday, March 5, 2010

Vampires and Werewolves, Oh My!

Little did I know when I went to the movies in December that it would be the beginning of a month long obsession. A movie called New Moon was playing. I didn’t know anything at all about the movie but it looked…interesting. Well I loved it and was hooked. I especially enjoyed the innocence and young romance. I think it reminded me of my youth. Of course having several buff ‘werewolves’ walking around with little on didn’t hurt the appeal from my viewpoint.

During the movie I realized it had to be some kind of sequel and a coworker confirmed this for me. So next up I rented the original movie Twilight which I also enjoyed and watched several times. I couldn’t get enough of the ‘first kiss’ scene.

Then my obsession continued when my coworker lent me all four books in the series. They’re meant for girls half my age so I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I really enjoyed reading them. Luckily I’ve talked to several friends and it turns out many of them had read the books too so I’m not alone.

So it’s over a month later and I’ve finished all the books and I’m suffering from PTD (Post Twilight Depression). Luckily the next movie will be out in the spring so I have that to look forward to.

Now I just have to figure out the great question of the millennium…would you chose Jacob or Edward?

Cat “I’m Choosing Jacward…or maybe Edob” Cathy

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