Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cartwheels Around the World

I hate taking boring vacation pictures. Here’s me in front of the Eifel Tower…just standing. Ok now I’m standing in front of a Mayan ruin…yep same pose. So I decided to remedy this by taking cartwheel (and yoga and jumping) pictures everywhere I go.

I’ve cartwheeled in Mexico, Belize, Puerto Rico and every other vacation spot in the past two years! My New York City and Boston cartwheels were done in my inline skates to add even more excitement and fun to the pictures.

Taking these pictures makes for more interesting pictures and it’s also much more fun just taking them. When a friend told me it looked like we had a professional photographer following us around on all our trips, I knew all the ‘hard work’ was worth it. So next time try something new and silly with your pictures…it’s fun!

Cat “Cartwheeling” Cathy

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