Monday, March 16, 2009

Jumping Around…Again

I rarely blog about the same subject more than once since I assume it would get old but my second attempt at jumping stilts was definitely blog worthy…especially with the low amount of readers we have anyway.

I decided to try the stilts at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando on a Sunday afternoon/evening. Not the best place for a neophyte stilter since this place gets crowded, but I had confidence from my first experience and I wanted to ‘ham it up’ a bit too.

This time I walked a lot better and even jogged and jumped a bunch. Best of all, even though I had some close calls, I didn’t fall. I got lots of stares and questions and enjoyed all the social time. I told some little girls that if they took their vitamins they would get tall like me too. The parents got a good chuckle over that and appreciated the help I’m sure.

The most interesting part of this adventure was my trip to the bathroom. I think I set the world record for hovering. I must have been 4 feet above my target and I have to admit I didn’t have the best aim. I can’t believe I’m sharing this but some advice for beginners - use the bathroom before you put these things on or wear depends!

As an added bonus the space shuttle was going up for it’s last night launch and I watched it from the west side of the lake while I balanced on my stilts. I had the best view on the lake!

With such cool things as jumping stilts and shuttle launches it’s a great time to be alive!

Cat “Tigger” Cathy

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