Thursday, March 5, 2009


I’d like to buy a house and I’ve been looking on and off for years now. At some point it went from being a responsible thing to do to a game of Russian roulette. First the market was too high and I was waiting to buy a home since I realized it couldn’t last. Now prices are dropping but I still feel like they have a ways to go. The government seems set on keeping home prices high and which is delaying the price drop. I personally don’t think the government intervention is going to work. Prices need to fall to where people can afford them. That means the average home should be approximately 3 times the average gross salary or 30% of your monthly income or whatever other ‘rule of thumb’ you chose to use.

So I keep looking but I’m not really stressing about it. I’m still waiting on the downward trend. Plus once the market turns around the graph will look more like a flat liner than a capital V in my humble opinion. At this point houses will be what they should have always been….A way to feel settled in a community and build some long term equity. As apposed to the most recent get rich quick scheme.

I look forward to getting my first home and planting orange and mango trees and even an herb garden. I know it will make me feel like more of a grownup and that some of my hard work over the past 24 years was worth it. I will keep you posted on my house hunt and all the resulting trials and tribulations.

Cat“Won’t you be my Neighbor” Cathy

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