Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bat Ma’am

I discovered something the other day that most women figure out at a much younger age….I love buying new clothes! I used to try and be a minimalist and simplify my life since I already have so many hobbies and so little time. It was simple to get up in the morning chose from the same small selection of clothes and get on with my day. But the other day I purchased four new items and I started looking at my simplify idea a little differently. Although it is time consuming, costs money and I’m never sure if I will really like and wear my purchases, I still enjoy it. I was very happy to have the new clothes and had so much fun wearing them. I’ve decided not to worry if occasionally I buy something and then I don’t end up liking it much. I can just give it away and it is not going to break me. So I finally discovered that I like clothes and fashion and dressing up!

The first new item I tried was new yoga shorts. They were really cute but ended up being just a wee bit too short for all the stretching in yoga. I was showing perhaps a little more ‘Namaste’ than I would like. So they will now be my over bikini shorts.

Next I used my new long sleeve t shirt with a bat man emblem on it for biking. I was being called bat man, bat girl and bat woman but I decided I should be called bat ma’am since I’m now over 40. And thanks to the strategically placed emblem I finally had a way to get people to look as my chest!

The other two items are dressy tops that I’ve gotten compliments on each time I’ve worn them. I think maybe my friends are just happy to finally see me wearing something new but either way it is nice to be noticed and get compliments.

Cat “Where’s Robin?” Cathy

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