Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Lost Angels and Demons Divinci Code Symbol

I just finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It read very similar to his Angels and Demons and Divinci Code books. Religious fanatic…blah blah…self sacrifice…blah blah…ancient codes that have levels to solve...blah! In case you can’t tell I wasn’t really that into this book. Some of the ‘twists’ at the end were predictable and not as mysterious as the author was probably hoping for.

Some of my lack of interest was probably just the timing. I wasn’t in the mood for the ancient codes since I was fresh of the Twilight series and love and romance were more on my mind. I have to admit that even though it seemed predictable and I could care less about the whole mystery solving, there were some interesting parts. The information on positive thought and group thought intrigued me. So much so that I followed up with some Google searches to learn more on the subject. I definitely think positive thought is important to good health and happiness but it seems like it can do even more.

I discussed this book with my mom a bit but she didn’t seem to care at all for the subjects that interested me. She got more from the religion part of the book. So I guess this book can offer something different to everyone including religion, history, secret societies, positive thought, architecture, art, etc. Too bad there isn’t enough about love and romance though.

Cat “The Butler did it” Cathy

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