Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can't Anything Ever be Easy...Rant!

Sorry but I just need to vent a bit today. Ever since I got my new car it has been a pain trying to get things done to it and get comfy with it. I never cared if my old beat up truck had issues as long as it got me where I was going. Unfortunately with the fancy new wheels I feel like it has to also look good getting me there. It hasn’t been my car’s fault so I can’t blame Blue Latitudes (the name I’ve chosen for it). The fault lies in all the companies I’ve had to deal with or in my choice of companies at least.

First I put a hitch on the car. (If you put a hitch on your brand new Mercedes, you might be a redneck!). I needed it for my jet ski and mountain bike rack. Unfortunately the guy I chose was a total idiot. After 7 hours and two trips the lights for the hitch still didn’t work. So I showed the car to my brother who fixed the biggest problem in less than a minute. Note to hitch guy: positive is plus and that is where the power wire should have gone!

Then I brought Blue to the car wash. It was only 3 dollars for a drive through one and I wanted to check it out. The guy working there tried to twist my antenna off. I didn’t stop him since I figured he knew what he was doing. Well it didn’t come off but it was lose after he twisted it and he just sent me through the car wash anyway. Naturally the antenna came out and water got all inside my rear light and electrical area. I spent the rest of my lunch hour retightening the antenna and drying out the water. While I was doing this some nice people drove by and shouted “love your booty”. Seriously? That was about the oddest ‘random car passing screaming’ compliment I’ve had. Plus if they really loved it so much why didn’t they stop to help?

Anyway, I’m done venting… for now. Thanks for listening and I wish all of you the best of luck with simple things staying simple.

Cat “not positive today but my hitch now is” Cathy

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