Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Don't Want to Be Like Mike!

The Tiger fiasco has brought to my attention just how many things are endorsed by professional athletes and other celebrities. I’m not sure if you care but to me it seems almost insulting that companies think we are like sheep. Baaa baa Tiger says it’s good so it must be…baaa baa…I don’t think so!

I’m smart enough to use this little thing called ‘the internet’ to research products and to decide for myself. I’d personally like to see the day when products were purchased based on quality, need and cost and not to “be like Mike”. We would all get cheaper products and all the elite athletes would have to learn to ‘get buy’ on only a few million a year…so sad. (note sarcasm).

So let’s start a campaign to buy based on quality and price and avoid marketing that makes us seem like mindless idolizing sheep. Baaa!

Cat “Black Sheep” Cathy

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