Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Great Faith Debate

I attend the Great Faith Debate about Atheism versus religion and more specifically Christianity at UCF recently. I have to admit I don’t know much about religion which is part of the reason I decided to attend. After many nights of exercising my body it was time to rest my weary muscles and exercise my mind. I was excited by the packed arena as I walked in carrying my bubble tea and singing “Gotta Have Faith” by George Michael.

Sadly, I wasn’t very impressed with the debate. The arguments used were sometimes way out there and at times it seemed the questions asked were not even answered. I’m an engineer so I try to be a little more direct and this seemed to be more about throwing out fancy words and obscure knowledge. I doubt if a single person was even tempted to change their current belief based on what they heard. But that's ok I guess since faith/religion is a very personal choice and shouldn't be changed easily.

So even though it wasn't all I expected, it was something different and I’m glad I tried it. As an added bonus UCF is my alma mater and it was interesting to see how much it had changed and reminisce about my college days. I’m just hoping the next great debate will be on paper versus plastic!

Cat “Bless you” Cathy

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