Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bodacious Bods

As part of my ‘don’t knock it till you try it’ philosophy I attended a charity event featuring sexy dancing for women. I was my normal punctual self and was surrounded by lots of sexy dressed 20-somethings who worked at the dance studio. I felt a bit odd in my jeans and flip flops at this point but other ‘normally’ dressed and ‘more mature’ women starting showing up which made me feel a little more at home. But the young girls were actually quite nice and very talented as I found out watching them belly dance, chair dance and pole dance too!

Then it was our turn to try these sexy moves starting with belly dancing. I was horrible! I looked like I was having a seizure or something. There was nothing even remotely sexy about my moves. If I had tried these moves to impress my boyfriend he would have probably called 9-1-1. Our instructor was awesome though and fun to watch. She looked the part with an Indian looking ethnicity. Even if I had somehow managed to do the moves correctly I just don’t have her exotic look.

Next we moved on to chair dancing which I learned is called bump and grind. It was easier than belly dancing and I fared somewhat better. At one point they passed out hats to use as props for our sexy dancing. I felt a bit like Madonna with my hat and chair and hip thrusting moves. There was a lot of bending, grinding and ‘sticking out of the buttocks’ but I think I actually pulled some of it off. I was definitely getting my groove on.

Finally we did pole dancing which I had tried once before. It was sexy and fun and also a good workout. Now I want a pole for my house but I know this will pass as have many other short term fancies in my life. My friend asked one of the instructors if she had been a stripper. I was actually curious too but afraid to ask since I thought it might be rude. It turns out she wasn’t but her moves were definitely good enough for it.

So overall I really enjoyed the night with good food, socializing with other women, exercise and a chance to get my sexy on. The dance studio was looking for new members but I knew I wasn’t going to join since it was expensive and I already have way too many hobbies. I was there for the charity event and to have a fun night out. I would like to go again someday but I can’t imaging making it a regular thing much to the disappointment of my boyfriend I’m sure. But it was a fun life experience and something to tell the grandkids….well um …maybe not.

Cat “Like a Virgin” Cathy

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