Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resolution Bowl Challenge #2: Artsy Week

The best laid schemes of mice, men and Catastrophe Cathy often go awry. This was supposed to be my artsy week. It sounded easy enough. I had a whole list of fun art activity. Most of it was hands on since I’m more of a doer than a watcher but I also had my eye on a few plays to watch. It was adding up to be an expensive challenge but ohwell what’s money for anyway if not to spend…right? Then my friend told me about Arts Fest which is essentially 10 days of free art events which starts in just two short weeks. It was a no brainer decision to wait two weeks and save around $200. So Artsy week has been somewhat delayed/extended.

I debated picking another activity for the next two weeks but between physical therapy appointments for my injury, a long overdue hair appointment, a short weekend vacation and needing brakes for my car all in addition to my normally hectic schedule, I’ve decided to change the rules of my game a bit. Instead of picking a new activity every two weeks I will just pick the new activity whenever I can based on time available. So I may make one challenge last a few weeks and another a month or so. It’s all part of being flexible.

I’ve looked at everything including gardening classes, chocolate decorating, voice lessons and balloon art. But I’ve decided on the three P’s - a play, painting and pottery for my artsy activities.

Cat “Picasso” Cathy

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