Monday, February 7, 2011

Girls Who Play With Goats

I know based on one of my last blogs this should be titled Women who Play with Goats but it just didn’t sound as good. Anyway, living in Orlando I consider myself a ‘city girl’. I would guess people in New York City would laugh at me for this but still much of my time in spent around asphalt, parking garages, big buildings and small crowded parks.

So imagine my surprise when I visited a friend who lives outside the big metropolis of Orlando and actually owns goats. I was so excited I went to take some pictures from outside the fence since I wasn’t sure how menacing these creatures were. My friend laughed, opened the gate and handed me some food and said it was like candy to them. Judging from their reaction I think it was more like crack to them. But it was fun feeding them out of my hand and petting and holding them. It was so exciting to be in such a different setting from what I’m used to. I guess some people go to petting zoos but this was a first for me and I really enjoyed it. The only sad part is these cute little guys are going to end up on someone’s dinner plate soon. But at least they had a good ‘open range’ life up to that point I guess.

The beautiful view of the river, the goats and the open space made me question my city dwelling life. But then I was reminded of the effort to raise goats, the hour commute it would take to get to work from there and the minimum 15 minute drive to get anywhere and I wasn’t as questioning. Like many things in life it’s just a trade off and for now I can enjoy some country time on the weekends with the convenience of everything in walking distance during the week.

Cat “Curry anyone” Cathy

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