Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feeling Positive

I was convinced to do a positive list. It’s a list of all the good things you like about yourself. Apparently it is not a good idea to concentrate on the negative things you don’t like….something I always did. Apparently you have to accept and love yourself the way you are and then you can grow from there. Or so I’ve been told.

So I did my positive list and it was a lot of fun. I liked thinking about my good things instead of my bad. Just making the list put me in a happy mood. And then I asked a good friend what he thought and he gave me a few more items for my list. His items were very nice and made me smile. It was nice that he saw all these good qualities in me while I was picking away at my less than girly wardrobe, bad hair days, temper…ok not allowed to think of these any more. Just the happy happy joy joy things.

Anyway I was told it takes about 6 months for this to become a pattern. So I’m going to try it. I have my positive list and I will see if I can think about these good things instead of the bad and accept myself as I am and see where it goes from there. I will keep you posted on any progress I make. In the meantime I’d suggest this activity to everyone. It’s a nice way to see yourself in a positive light. And if you have a BFF or boyfriend you can ask them too and get more input and maybe form a closer relationship in the process.

Cat “Sending Positive Vibes” Cathy

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"joe" said...

"They" say that you are your own worst critic, and it certainly can be hard to see the good things about yourself when you cant step out of yourself and be impartial about what you see. And its always good when you have people around you who care enough about you to be honest about your faults just as much as your strengths, to be gentle but firm on both accounts, and never leave you because of either. And with those people around you, that list is all the easier to make, and the change you need is just that much easier to take. "Cat" Cathy, you have many good qualities, and making that list I hope helps you to realize them