Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Beep or Two

Today I’m tackling a serious social issue. When you are driving in traffic and someone is texting or otherwise not paying attention and delays movement do you beep once really loud or give two little 'beep beeps'? To me one really loud beep is kind of like saying “HEY YOU &*!&^% GET YOUR &*&! MOVING!” While two little beeps is more akin to saying “excuse me but you need to move now”. Personally I always try to use the two beeps since it just seems friendlier. Plus I think we have all been on both sides of this beeping dilemma so we should have a little understanding. Also the double beep is likely to lead to a nice little ‘oops I’m sorry’ wave versus just getting one finger if you use the one beep! So why not practice a little kindness and next time you are mad in traffic….be like the road runner and make it a double!

Cat “Beep Beep” Cathy

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