Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happily Never After

I apparently spent way too much time as a kid reading and believing fairytales.  So many of these stories have a handsome prince and a white horse and love at first sight and of course a happily ever after ending.  All these fairytales seem to do is set women up for disappointment.  In my entire life I have yet to meet a single prince and I don’t even know anyone who owns a horse…not even a brown one.  When I eat apples all that happens is I get some nutrients and fiber in my diet.  My hair is slightly longer than shoulder length and at no time has it ever been down to my feet let alone several stories long!  And while I am quite the nap taker, I’ve never slept for 100 years. And finally I don’t own a single pair of glass footwear.  I feel like fairytales should be more realistic and modernized for the times.  So here’s a more realistic one:

Once there was a cute little girl named Cinderwhite Beautyrapunz.  She had low self-esteem from seeing way too many marketing ads that made her feel she wasn’t pretty enough since she didn’t wear tons of makeup or have the latest fashions.  Her mom and dad always seemed busy and working so she had very little one on one time with them growing up.  She realized they had to work to pay bills but it made her feel very lonely and she practically had to raise herself.  So one day when a man finally showed her some attention she thought she was in love.  It was nice to finally be noticed and feel special.  But the man had a junky job and therefore no money for traveling. He also had a few 
kids from another woman he’d knocked up many years before and seemed to have a bit of a problem with honesty and perhaps hit the bottle a little too much too.  They dated a while but the kids took all of their dad’s attention and time.  There wasn’t enough of him to go around so again Cathy…oops I mean Cinderwhite Beautyrapunz felt all alone and like there was no one special for her.    After a few years of trudging along she finally broke it off.  Luckily she had a good job, lots of friends and lots of hobbies.  So she lived happily ever after enjoying blogging, traveling, mountain biking and many other activities with her friends and an occasional non-prince non-horse riding man who would come along.  But it wasn’t love at first sight and definitely not happily ever after and sometimes he even had bad breath.

I hope this doesn’t sound too negative as it was meant to be tongue and cheek.  Here’s hoping everyone does find their prince or princess but realizes that they are only human and have faults too. 

Cat “Sisters Grimm” Cathy

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