Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beaten, Battered and Black and Blue Equals Fun, Fit and Fabulous!

Yet Another Black and Blue Day Not Related to my Mountain Bike Story

I often come to work on Monday’s with a few bruises and sore muscles from my weekend warrior events.  Recently I was sporting a somewhat large black and blue mark on my arm from a mountain biking fall.  My coworker noticed my bruise and said “why would you do that to yourself”.  Well it wasn’t like I purposely bruised myself.  I was just out having fun, getting fresh air, enjoying nature, satisfying my need for speed and exercising when I had an oopsy daisy and fell.  There was very little pain involved at the time of the crash and burn.  The next day when I noticed the bruise I actually had to think back to where it happened. 


My sports and adventures make me happy, keep me fit and strong and make me feel truly alive.  So after being questioned on my lifestyle by a heavyset coworker I couldn’t help but think “Why would you do that to yourself”.  I will gladly take the bruises and sore muscles and yes even the occasional worse injuries I’ve had including a broken leg and a few torn tendons and ligaments.  At least these come with a side of strength, energy, happiness, pride and accomplishment.  Oh and a size 4 body too.   How she could let herself be so out of shape and overweight seems like a better question.  Of course I couldn’t say this as it would be politically incorrect so I just said it was fun and I feel strong and healthy.  My hope is to lead by example and maybe others will see and agree with my way of life.  If not that’s fine since we are all different but I don’t think others should criticize someone for a bruise or three.


Cat “Am I Blue” Cathy




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