Thursday, April 21, 2011


I know I’ve done a lot of movie and book reviews and that wasn’t really my blogging goal but I thought a review was needed for this movie. Salt staring Angelina Jolie as agent Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer/Russian spy/all around cool chick, is probably the best reason ever do go on a low sodium diet. If you haven’t seen it then I envy you.

As someone who was injured and has been out of commission for months from doing a simple split in aerial silk class I found it annoying that Salt could live through hundreds of fights, jumping from truck to truck on the highway and countless other endeavors that would have killed a ‘lesser’ person 10 times over.

The plot was basic and I was able to guess the end pretty early in the movie. The worst part is they left the movie ending open for a sequel. I guess that one will be called Salt and Pepper.

I generally like Angelina Jolie movies but this one was a big disappointment. I admire that she gives a large portion of her salary away to charity but I feel in this case she should reimburse us poor movie goers who had to suffer through it.

Cat “Push It” Cathy

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