Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Hugs

I think by now everyone has seen the free hugs videos on YouTube. I remember getting teary eyed when I saw it. There’re so many bad things in the world so it was nice to see a heartwarming video of strangers being nice to each other and realizing we are all in this together. When I was on vacation in Virginia Beach and I saw Free Hugs t-shirts and I bought 8 of them! This is a big purchase for someone as frugal and minimalistic as me. But it was a great way to get gifts for my friends and spread the happy message.

After I got home and starting handing out the t-shirts to all my BFF’s I wondered what kind of reaction they would get in the real world. In the YouTube video it’s a very heartwarming feeling with everyone acting kindly towards others. But with Free Hugs written in huge letters across the t-shirt I could only imagine creepy guys coming up to us and saying rude things like ‘what else do you do for free. ha ha’. Yes unfortunately there are many creepy guys like that in this world.

But so far the reaction I’ve had has been all positive. One very handsome young man came up and hugged me at a bar. It was a definite ‘score’ for the t-shirt. Some young kids joked one day that the other one wanted a hug but they were just both being shy and trying to pick on each other. Still it was cute. And a few friends have seen my t-shirt and said well of course I want that. The surprising part is the majority of people don’t even seem to notice it or comment on it at all. I guess there are too many distractions in our modern society and they are too busy or maybe shy to say anything.

It was a fun experiment and I hope to continue with it by wearing the t-shirt on occasion in different settings. I’m extroverted and very friendly so it is nice to have people initiate conversations with me. It kinda makes me feel like a super star actress when they do.

Cat “huggy huggy” Cathy

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"joe" said...

Yeah, I think America in general isn't a very "huggy" or "touch-y feel-y" kind of place. You know that personal space thing. Maybe if we weren't so uptight about personal space, maybe we would be better off and alot more understanding of each other.....but of course there are still the creepy guys in this world who just need to get the hell away from us!