Friday, January 7, 2011


My new sport has put me on the sidelines for a bit. About 6 weeks ago I pulled something in my aerial silk class. I actually heard a ‘pop’ followed by pain and realization of my dilemma that I was 5 feet off the ground wrapped in silk and needing to get down fast!

Thankfully my injury isn’t too bad. There’s been a lot of pain and I can’t do many sports but I’ve managed to still get out for social events and even some walking and light dancing. I’m nowhere close to my normal activity level but at least it hasn’t stopped me completely. I’ve noticed the pain not only keeps me from doing my sports but keeps me from my normal high energy level when I do other activities. It’s a slight source of constant pain and seems to wear me down a bit. Who would have thought that something so minor could be such a pain in the butt? So after 6 weeks of waiting for this to heal on its own I finally decided to get an MRI and I discovered I have a partially torn tendon in my gluteal region. So my pain in my butt really is a pain in the butt.

Although I miss the adrenalin rush, time outdoors, social contacts and sweating and raised heart rate I get from my sports I’ve decided to make the most of this down time. I will catch up on errands, go shopping, go to the theatre, plan dinners with friends, try pottery, play board games and other less active endeavors. Wow, that should be enough to keep me busy for a while and although it’s not extreme it should still be fun and different. I’ve decided I will make the most of this time while I heal but I’m still very much looking forward to being able to get the heart rate up and muscles moving again soon.

Cat “Trivial Pursuit Anyone” Cathy

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