Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Worst ‘Date’ Ever

I just had to share my horrible match.com ‘date’ story. We planned to meet for lunch but since my ‘date’ was fasting I suggested Whole Foods so we could get juice drinks. I assumed we would get drinks and then sit down and talk for a while. But nooooooo! My ‘date’ arrives and grabs a shopping cart so he can shop for his fast. At this point the ‘date’ was already over in my mind but I wasn’t sure how to bug out so I suffered through a few minutes of getting my own juice drink and watching him shop while we tried to have a conversation. This ‘date’ couldn’t have ended soon enough for me. Note to men: A date is a chance for you to woo a woman and show some interest. Not a chance for you to get chores done! Thankfully I never heard from him again since I assume ‘date’ number 2 would be watching him clean is toilet.

Since I try to end on a positive note I will add that I did find a new tea while I was shopping and I really like it a lot. So something good besides a funny blog story came out of this ‘date’.

Cat “NEXT!” Cathy

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