Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Personal Floatation Devices

PFD’s are normally associated with life vests but that’s what my friend and I call women’s implants. It seriously looks in many cases like they have two personal flotation devices ready to keep them bobbing with just their neck and heads above water.

Yes I’m being harsh but if I could take away one ‘invention’ of the world it would probably be these. It bothers me that there is so much pressure on women to look ‘good’ that they will undergo unnecessary surgery and then lug those bulky things around and possibly cause back problems.

This strong pressure to feel pretty comes from marketing companies who make you feel bad about yourself so you will buy crap. And it seems to me this pressure causes problems with body image and confidence in almost all women. This in turn causes problems in relationships. So we would all be better off if we could just accept ourselves in a natural state. Yes you should eat right and exercise and keep yourself clean but beyond that you should concentrate on more important things like knowledge, growth, helping others and being the best person you can and not just the one with the biggest ta-tas.

With regards to implants, I’d like to get to a point where women just say “no I’m not doing that, I have plenty to offer just the way I am”. I seriously think most guys are fine (and happy) with a woman’s natural body and the ones who would encourage you to risk your health and waste your money are probably not the right ones anyway.

Cat “A Cup and Happy” Cathy


Mitzie said...

Its great that you can be happy and secure with your body s it is. Unfortunately, not all women get breast implants for mere size enhancement. Some women have implants as prosthetic devices because they have needed to have all, or a portion of their breasts removed. It is ignorant people like you who probably go a long way in adding to their suffering. If you don't like breast implants, don't look! No one is forcing anyone to get them.

"joe" said...

Mitzie, it is ignorant people like you who read blog posts and completely miss the point of what the blogger is trying to say! She was not making ANY, repeat ANY negative comments on women who receive breast implants because of breast cancer or some other disfigurement. Its obvious that you missed the point that it was about the pressure that society puts on women to look a certain way in order to be attractive to men, which is distorted anyway because speaking for myself and I think for many men, a woman's natural look is far more appealing than the distorted image some women accept by getting breast implants. Thats not all women, and Im sure some women get them just to get them, and thats their right too. And yes, Catastrophe Cathy can be happy and secure in who she is because she is a beautiful woman, on the INSIDE AND OUT

Mitzie said...

Well, Joe, I find it hard to see a post calling prosthesis "Personal Flotation Devices" as anything but condescending towards women who choose to get breast implants. What's wrong with women feeling okay about their bodies, no matter how they do it? I was merely trying to point out how completely immature a person like Cathy is, for ripping on women with implants by saying the things she said.

Catastrophe Cathy said...

Hi Mitzie,
My blog is meant to be funny and positive. I was trying to encourage women to accept themselves as they are and not get unnecessary surgery. Obviously it is different if you have had cancer and had your breasts removed and are just trying to feel like yourself again. MOST of the women who get implants are just 'A' cup girls who feel insecure since society has told them nothing less than a D is accepable. If I prevent just one girl like this from feeling bad about herself for being average size for her body type, then I will feel good about myself and sleep well.


PS - Thanks Joe!

Mitzie said...

What about women who have their breasts left drastically different than they were before? Are they bad people too? Is it ok in your book to get implants if you are born with deformities? Do you see at all how your post may have come off as inappropriate?

Mitzie said...

** That should have said women who have their breasts left dramatically different due to having children.** Sorry for the editing error.

Catastrophe Cathy said...

It was meant for women to feel good about themselves and shun the unnecessary pressure society has placed on them. Too many women feel insecure, starve themselves and get unnecessary surgery in the name of beauty. You get mad at one stupid blog that offers an alternative when there are millions of commercials and advertisements selling an unrealistic image of beauty. Sad really sad.