Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kidding Around

One of the biggest decisions in life is choosing to have kids or not. I consider myself a late bloomer since I was raised very naïvely. I always though kids would come ‘someday’. Sometime around my 37th birthday I realized ‘someday’ better arrive soon or it will be too late. At that point I started being more selective of who I dated, read a lot of relationship books and really did some quick (yet way late) growing up.

Even with my 5 years of hard work and maturing, I’m still single with no kids. Now that I’m 42 I’m actually leaning towards “probably not” for the kids question on my match.com profile. Up until now it was always “undecided”. In some ways this seems sad to me since raising a child seems like one of life’s big rewards and accomplishments. Plus they are just so gosh darn cute! But I realize they are also a lot of work, commitment, money and sacrifice.

So while having a mini me to teach and play with sounds like fun so does doing my nightly sports and social activities and retiring early. I can always spoil my friends’ kids and get my fix that way.

Cat “Child at Heart” Cathy

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"joe" said...

You would make a wonderful mom. That would be a very lucky little boy or girl to have you as their mom, and that dad would be very, very lucky to have YOU:) From one Child at Heart guy to a Child at Heart girl......