Friday, January 23, 2009

Vane About Veins

Every year lately I do a little something special to keep me looking young. In the past I’ve tried whitening my teeth, scar cream and cellulite cream. The teeth whitening worked, for a couple years at least, but I had my mouth pulled so far apart for two hours while they were doing it that I swear it doubled the amount of wrinkles on my lips. The scar cream did absolutely nothing but remind me I had scars as I rubbed them every day. But that’s ok since they actually bring back good memories since many of my scars are from my sports and adventures. The cellulite cream did absolutely nothing but give me an excuse to get my boyfriend to rub my backside.

But even with this bad luck I decided to try again. This time I was attacking my spider veins. I’ve had them since I was 16 but I decided it was finally time to tell them “hasta la vista baby”! So I made an appointment at a clinic that performs all kinds of elective surgeries. It was very apparent from the moment I got on property that this was not ‘my scene’. I had the worst car in the parking lot but that’s usually true no matter where I go…even at the Salvation Army. I ventured in the clinic and all the women inside were perfect looking in a high maintenance sort of way with all the latest accessories and big puffy lips while I was in sweats and with my hair in a pony tail. The shots were somewhat painful but I’m tough and willing to make the sacrifice in the name of beauty. (Men really should appreciate all that we go through to look good for them!) Following my elective ‘surgery’ I had to wear ace bandages for 2 days. Most places provide compression hose but not my upscale clinic. All I got was ace bandages and I spent the next 2 days with very heavy looking legs under my pants and having to constantly pull up and readjust the bandages.

They tell you it will take weeks for the veins to fade and that multiple injections are required. Well it’s been two months now and some of the veins did go away but the majority did not. So now it’s decision time. Do I try again? Do I give up and accept my slightly purpled legs that really look fine with a tan in summer anyway? I’m leaning toward one more visit. After all I don’t want to be labeled a quitter!

Even if I do decide to go back for a second round, I learned a long time ago that the best things to keep me young are exercise, a playful attitude, new adventures and eating healthy. So if you’re in the mood to improve yourself I recommend these things first. They are more fun and much less painful too!

Cat “Low Maintenance” Cathy

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