Sunday, February 18, 2007

Petro Girl

Two months ago I couldn't even spell petroleum engineer and now I are one! I applied for a job as a petroleum cleanup engineer at the county. My knowledge in the area was zilch, zip, zero and nada for my Spanish speaking friends. I guess I got lucky since I was the only one who applied for the job. (I was hoping to save that luck for winning the lottery but I guess this will have to do.) I knew I was the only applicant going into the interview since I already worked for the county as an Engineer II. This was my chance at the coveted Engineer III title. I'd waited a long time to get that third I in my title. So when I was asked in the interview why I should get the job I stated confidently that I was the best candidate. I didn't get the laugh I thought I would but I did get the job! So this is my second promotion/raise in 5 months. Almost a 50% salary increase in a measly 5 months so I guess its almost time to update my 16 year old pick up truck....but not just yet. I want to make sure I like the job and can do it. So far I've been training with a coworker and having him call me grasshopper.

Stay tuned for future updates. Same blog channel, same blog time!

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